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連續式微粒研磨分散機 (T.T-C.G)
Successive High-Speed Colloid Mill Machine

■ Machine introduction:
The successive high-speed colloid mill machine consist of the specially processed cone-shaped rotor teeth and stator external teeth. The inner gears rotate in high speeds to squeeze the processed materials to the vicinity of the outlet through different transfer grooves and past the ring gap. The powerful shearing, impacting and compression are repeated to create micronized.

■ Machine features:
The machine features an stator teeth and rotor teeth which mix the powders outside the tank, circulate for powerful shearing, impacting, compression, grinding and micronized.
For grinding and dispersion, the rotor teeth and stator teeth gear with each other to grind the materials and achieve fine dispersion through pulverization.
The gap between stator and rotor is sophisticatedly processed. The stator turntable can be used to adjust the gap required for quality control and standardized operation.
A specially designed blade creates suction at the inlet and thrust at the outlet. The operation can be circulated without a Rotary pump. This also ensures grinding of raw materials by the blade, a very convenient option for the collection of experimental materials or materials that must be crushed.
Best for volatile products or products which must be cooled. It can cool the circulation to prevent the least degree of heating.
You have different choices for the shapes of rotor and stator teeth based on the materials being processed. You can choose the cross knife which is suitable for finely processing or the right angle knife for high-viscosity materials. The machine has vertical type with funnel and horizontal successive type.
The machine can be mounted on a cart to move to a proper position.




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