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二, 濃縮流程設備 (T.T-CC)
Chinese Herbal Medicine Vacuum Condensed Equipment


■ Condensation equipment:
Suitable industry:
Chinese medicine/biotech/health food
Machine introduction:
fast condensation of steam heat in low-temperature vacuum and quick removal of excessive water and alcohol to save energy. A CIP automatic cleaning equipment is attached for easy cleaning and maintenance to conform to the GMP requirements.

■ Machine features:
Low temperature condensation with an operation temperature range of 45゚C~55゚C, which prevents the deterioration of the ointment quality due to long-time exposure to high temperatures.
Very good sealing during condensation, with the vacuum degree reaching 650~720mmhg, which ensures smooth condensation and saves energy.
With two condensers used, the special U shape design gives high condensation performance and no water chillers are required. This increases condensation efficiency and prevents burning of the ointment.
All the components in contact with the raw materials are made of stainless steel, which are easy to clean, minimizing contamination.
The polish of the surface of the machine in contact with the raw materials and that of the machine appearance is over #500, providing very high-efficiency for maintenance of washing. A polish certificate is attached.




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