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The high-speed emulsification and low-speed mixing functions allow integration of both heating and cooling in a same process to achieve economical and safe production for each product. The scraper blade and powerful emulsifying blade .....<more>


High-speed mixing saves time. Generates powerful shearing. Convection rotation generates power shearing force for proportionate stirring, mixing and dispersion to equalize emulsification. The process is completed in a short time......<more>


The machine is designed based on the temperature, density and flow velocity and works on heat conduction and the convection from the mixing blade in the flow layer of the raw materials to generate instant heat exchange..<more>


We can custom make the equipment according to the attributes, processing volume and viscosity of the raw materials to meet the customers’ needs....<more>


Closed three-layer design with heat source (heater, hot water, steam and kerosene) specific plumbing. Safe, convenient and energy saving...<more>


High-viscosity, high-speed emulsifying blade and low-viscosity, high-speed emulsifying blade rotate in high speeds to create pressure differentials ... < more>


The successive high-speed colloid mill machine consist of the specially processed cone-shaped rotor teeth and stator external teeth....<more>


A close extraction tank prevents waste of heat energy. A vacuum feeding option for avoidance of contamination is available.....<more>


Low temperature condensation with an operation temperature range of 45゚C~55゚C, which prevents the deterioration of the ointment .....<more>


Chemical Equipment / reaction groove/ water-based PU groove/ powder dry mechanical / chemical engineering design and manufacturing







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